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Godspell Audition Help?

My college is doing Godspell this year, and I am really hoping for the role that sings ‘Learn Your Lessons Well”. We are doing the updated version of Godspell (Revival version) and I can audition with a pop song, MT song or a Godspell song. 

My question: Would I’m Yours by Jason Mraz be a good song to audition with? Since the songs have a more contemporary feel, I thought I would audition with a contemporary song. If you don’t think this is a good idea, are there any other suggestions you recommend?


what a beautiful day to not be in high school

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Bourbon Street: The land of love, blues and magic 💙🎷🌟 (at Bourbon Street)
The dress still fits! 😄
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Dear @disney, can I be a Disney Princess?… Please? 👑❄💕
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Sometimes you just have to lay down and listen to an entire Broadway soundtrack.

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tips to people my age from your vaguely more experienced 15 year old friend mik bogmeaty 

  • your first kiss is going to be pretty boring 
  • just because someone puts their hand in your pants doesnt mean they like you 
  • eyebrows arent supposed to be perfectly even
  • dont smoke weed before school because you’ll just be bored
  • you can type perfectly fine when you’re drunk so stop thinking you cant
  • listen to the mountain goats
  • dont shoplift anything that doesnt fit in your pocket 

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